Mini Trash to Treasure

Here are some tips on turning trash into mini treasures
The next time you leave the table of your favorite resturant...the table will be so clean your watress will be leaving you a tip(well ok maybe not...but you'll be leaving with some fun trash).Yes even things that someone else throws out us mini lovers can find a use for...I'm sure there are many many out there but here are a few I came up with...and thought you might enjoy.

French Bread Bag
Ok now that your not tossing out the straws keep the paper too.clip the paper a little longer than your french bread ..turn the seam to the back and flaten.Make two small folds at one end no bigger than 1/8 of an inch...cut the top of the bag to your desired length....I use my tape dispencer to get that little zig zag look on mine.set your bread atop the bag in your mini kitchen or slide in bag for your mini bakery.Chubby straw papers work for wider breads.

Candy Bags
What about a Clear plastic straw paper?Well...They are perfect for candy bags.With the seam turned to the back flatten straw paper...then fold in half...seams touching...cut to length...fill one side with your mini candy...add lable and you have a bag of candy for your dollhouse or sweet shop.Soooo Tiny Soooo Cute!

Trash Basket
Those creamer containers are great for the trash that is.Perfect in the office or bathroom.Paint them,cover them in fabric or paper..the skys the limit.They turn out sooo cute.
Something for the animal lover
If you have a mini those empty jelly tubs.they make great cat boxes.

If you have a mini dog..The next time you find your self throwing out a piece of masking tape...fold it up into a long strip(just under 1/4" wide)tie a knot in it clip off at each side of the knot and you have a dogie chew.

Ok they are not paper but just as cute..made from plastic drinking a few of those colorfull straws..the next time you throw a mini baby shower you'll be happy you did.

If your a bird lover..pick up the next acorn you see .drill a small hole on it tap a tiny nail hole under it..glue in a small piece of tooth pick and you have a natural birdhouse for your mini garden.If you don't have a drill..oh go ahead and paint a hole I don't think the birds will mind.

PAPER CHAINS.....Ok they are not paper but just as cute..made from plastic drinking a few of those colorful straws..the next time you throw a mini baby shower you'll be happy you did.

Cup cake Papers
don't throw out those sweet n low packets...trim off the edges they are great around the botom of your mini cupcakes.

Save the wraper from chop stix to make this cute little wall hanging.A little glue on the back of the top and bottom...roll on some tooth picks add some tassles and a hanger(made from red thread)...and all done!!!

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  1. I save everything that could be something, but then I gave to spend time sorting and storing and after a time I weed it out to recycling. But you know now I consider every single little thing that could be a mini something!