Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dollhouse Rooms

Here You will find pictures of my dollhouse rooms in progress
Everyone's Tastes are different but I hope you have fun looking and perhaps are able to collect a few ideas here and there.

Living Room
I think the mix of pink,burgendy and mauve make this space cozy and adds a richness to the room.I found the rug I will be using in this room,I love it.The dark colors anchor the room and pull the room together.I'm not sure the mantle will stay this way,it seems a bit full.I guess when I find just the right things I'll be re-inspired.The table lamp on the back wall had a plain white shade that I enhanced with printed paper,glue and sealer.I think it blends in nicely now...The big white shade was too stark for the room.This room still needs moldings(they will be painted white).I'll also be putting trim around the door and a step in front of it(maybee with a faux stone or brick)and the window trim needs to be painted white.

A closer look at the Kitchen
There is finaly a window,stove back and kitchen faucets.I still have to stain the trim between the cabnets(when I feel like draging the stain out)Of corse I had to hang the plant I made,up in the window.What is a kitchen window with out a plant.Next moldings!!!!

Almost done
I changed the window glass.I thought this is a softer look and added a window valance.I finally stained the trim that joins the 2 upper cabnets and I also darkened the floor.The table set is also new.From this view you can see more of the left side of the kitchen.Shown on the botom of the hutch are my first attempts at fruit.The only things left are moldings and a few accessories.The handmade mini's in the kitchen include.The kitchen rugs,The one in front of the hutch was made by my son Stephen.The upper cabnets are 2 blocks of wood with fake doors joined by some wood trim.I also made the hanging plant.The lower cabnets sink and stove were made from thin pieces of wood and fake doors.I used printable granit for the counter and added a clear glaze.The sink is the bottom of a mini altoids tin,I just trimed an opening and pushed it down. The sunflowers on the table were made from clay and its vase is painted wood with a glaze.The bowl of fruit was also made of clay wich my daughter Jennifer arranged.The copper color canisters are beads with a small white bead as the knob.Everything on the top of the hutch I made ,Except the little turtle.The kitchen still needs a wallpaper border,base bord molding and a window.I still have to stain the hutch and the trim that joins the upper 

Bathroom has moldings
Here is a picture of the bathroom with its moldings and window.Starting to look like a real room isn't it?well ok,not that real,but improved.I just coulden't resist putting things on the window sill.Isn't this a great place for bottles and such in the bathroom?Notice i put up a towel bar.That towel isn't staying,but being the grown woman of 30 something that I am, I just had to see how my towel bar would work. The bathroom still needs some fabric to warm it up a bit.I will be putting a priviacy curtain in front of the tub drawn and tied back to the right and a matching sink skirt around the sink.I think i'm going to make a roman shade for the window and add a few more accessories.

The bathroom reached its goal!
Thank you for following along with me as I have worked on my mini bathroom.I hope you had as much fun as I have.

Sneak Peek at the Bedroom
Here is a sneak peek at my bedroom.I found the mirrored dresser
,that is between the windows,I just had to have it. I love how the drawers curve in in the middle. And the color is just what I wanted in there...Not too light not too dark. So far the bedding on the bed is the one I will be using for NOW.I have already decided to redo the wallpaper...Maybe a little elegant but subtle.

The Starting of The Nursery
I could not find a wallpaper with the warm friendly look i wanted.This paper Is A printable on the top and the pink gingham on the botom is scrapbook paper.I Painted the knobs on the dresser to add some hints of color.This was going to be a boys nursery,But I coulden't resist.

Accessories warming up the Nursery
I used Painted wood stars,pictures and colorful accessories to spread color around the room.One of my favorite things in this room is the piggy bank I sculpted out of clay(first and last one far)sitting on the dresser.This room is waiting for the wood floor to be glued down and moldings.

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  1. Your rooms are beautiful. I love the colors scheme you used. And that baby room is so precious. I haven't tried any of your suggestions or tutorials yet but they look pretty easy. I am just now getting into making miniatures. I've always loved them, but they are so expensive to buy but thanks to Pinterest I can learn to make my own stuff.